Challenge: Can I make money without a job?

This all started about a month ago when JB and I were at another couples house. The wife of the couple stated how she hates waking up early, because she gets all the household chores done by noon, and then is bored the rest of the day. This is probably JB’s biggest pet peeve. I mentioned the conversation the next day and promised never to just sit on my ass. I vowed that even if I didn’t have a job, that I would be doing something to try and generate money. Less than a month later here I am, jobless no income and saying “touché Karma, touché”. This is where my challenge comes in. I will make some sort of money by the end of May without the benefit of employment. I really want to see if I can make something out of nothing. This may be very mundane to most people but I have never gained money without employment.

I have currently am working on two different projects. The first one is selling on EBAY! I have never done this and it was kind of exciting. I have been going through my whole apartment looking for things with tags still on them. So far I have gotten some of my yarn up there and I have a jacket that will be going up there as well soon.

The second project is ESTY. I currently don’t have anything up there yet but I have been working hard on making some accessories to put on the site.

I know pretty sweet sewing machine. Be jealous I bet you wish you could only do one stich too.


By no means am I’m thinking that I’m going to get rich by doing this. I am just hoping to be productive and not get depressed about life. I think if I can actually sell something I think I will grow confidence that I can do something with my life even with it looks bleak. I will be updating the blog on my progress.

Have a wonderful Friday Night. I’m off to go winetasting for Spring Barrel and listen to some live music!




One response to “Challenge: Can I make money without a job?

  1. Good luck, I hope you will succeed in you goals!

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