Hello world!

Welcome, to my life. I’m Amanda, food and exercise lover who is currently unemployed and looking for the meaning of life. I am hoping to write a blog that will encompass food, fitness, life and hopefully some fun. I want to take food that people find a little out there and make it more accessible to the everyday person.

I am a college graduate who finished in 2009, the wonderful era that I call the Great Lay –Off. There was a 9.5% unemployment rate at that time and it’s sad that it’s still at 8.2%. I feel like for the last three years I have been smashing my head against a preverbal wall and maybe it’s time to look into a different direction. As Albert Einstein has so famously quoted that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Whipped it up, is my personal philosophy. You don’t need to always follow the recipe in life or in the kitchen. I find when I improvise I can get really good results, and really bad results, but they are always creative and that’s what keeps life interesting.

A rare cuddle sesh with my dog.