Solo Sesh

I know it’s been a while but I refuse to apologize. I am just starting this and realize that I will lose the two followers I have if I can’t keep a regular posting. My “visit” home was more of a vacation with two of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a year. We had a blast. I am not going to recap my whole time there because as it turns out I’m not into recaps. I know a lot of other blogs do it but I find them to be overwhelming. This blog showcases snapshots of my life not my whole life. I don’t want to apologize for life. I will try to post more regularly and am even coming up with a format of what subjects I will post on. I know so exciting.


I love being outside. I am terrified of being outside alone. Hiking, snowboarding, mt. biking are all things I prefer to do with other people around me. Not only does it make the time more enjoyable, I look silly when I am just talking to myself, but it adds an extra set of hands to help pick me up for when I break something or get eaten by a bear.

Today I worked on my fear. I took my bike and headed out to Cowiche Conservancy. I rode mostly the top canyon trails but will defiantly venture down next time. I loved it.

It was sunny without being hot and I had the whole cannon to myself. Now all I have to do if figure out what to do with the rattle snakes up here. I can deal with bears but have no idea what to do with rattle snakes.


What is a fear that you are working on concurring?