Mason Jar Smoothie

I am a huge smoothie fan and was making it a goal to consume more of them to help get more nutrients in my diet. It was a great coincidence when the Fitnessista set out the challenge smoothie a day for May. This morning it was my breakfast but it also works as a great quick lunch when your jetting out the door.

Amanda’s Mason Jar Smoothie

Serves 1

½ cup fat free milk

1 ½ cup baby kale

½ frozen banana

½ cup frozen berry mix

1 tbs chia seed

I only have a bullet blender to make smoothies in, which makes adding greens to my smoothies a little difficult. A trick I have learned is to add the milk and greens in first and blend them until the greens “liquefy”.

After you “liquefy” your greens add the rest of your smoothie mixins and blend away. I had completely forgotten how good bananas where in smoothies. I had found a banana in the back of my freezer and was like “why not?” So glad I did.


Lastly put in an adorable mason jar, and then go sit on your imaginary porch to watch the corps growJ

Today I am using the mason jar as an easy handling device to accomplish my very long to do list today. This includes but is not limited to packing for my trip back home, getting ready for an interview, baking cookies (will post that soon) and clean some bathrooms.

I love going back home to visit my family, I’ll be there for over a week this time and can’t wait to hang out and help out. I just HATE to leave any mess in my house before I leave for trips. This makes leaving my house a stressful tornado of cleaning and packing all at once.

Are any of you on the Mason Jar trend? I have bought two antique blue ones in the last couple months to add as décor and have started using the above clear one as a fun alternative to glasses. To be truthful I am on the fence with the whole Shabby Chic décor trend.

Have a wonderful Day!