Catch up

This is the first time since I came home that I have had more than an hour to sit down and work (i.e. look for work). It has been chores, run out to see friends, chores, ect. I have loved every minute. I had to say no to a facial this morning so I could wait for the repair man, and actually get some work done. I thought I would write a short post recapping some of the last couple of days.

I was so excited to come home on Thursday and be greeted by this:

All of the trees and wildflowers are in full on bloom. It makes me so giddy every year.

I also got greeted by this face:

Her face also makes me giddy.


Friday and Saturday morning I became a spider serial killer, no cobweb left behind. Our canning room got cleared out and scrubbed down, then I sprayed spider killer ALL over the place. I still have to put everything back in the canning roomL

Saturday night was Cinco and I got to see JB!

We like to get really goofy and Cinco gives us a good excuse to do that.

Sunday was strictly for recovery and hanging out.

Monday I had an interview at a temp agency and somehow ended up signing up for their agency, and took a surprise pee test. No worries, I live a healthy, clean lifestyle; but I wasn’t impressed by the fact that I had to take the test before I interviewed for any actual jobs.

After the interview I headed up to my friend’s house and we went on a mission to find me a bridesmaid dress for her wedding. It was horrible. I will probably make comments about pear shapes from time to time, I am very happy with my body because it does amazing things; it does not do A line or empire waist though. House was a kind description of me in a couple of those dresses. We did end up finding one at six thirty that night.

The highlight of Monday had to be getting Trader Joe lunches, heading to Manito Park and picnicking for a lunch break.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of errands, meeting friends for lunch, going to another friend’s house to get my hair done, then mountain bike riding with yet another friend. (I missed all my friends!) I didn’t get home until nine pm last night.

This morning I made myself a “light” French toast with almond butter smear and sugar free syrup. I’m going to be spending the morning catching up on emails and cleaning the hot tub. Oh chores.


See you later!